2004 Roundup

The first ever Cafe Roundup was held recently to honor Bud on his 30th birthday in sobriety.  Bud is on the Cafe Management team and can be found in the room most days.  We are honored to have bud as part of the 12 Step Cafe.  He has had some major challenges to his health in the recent years.  Bud has continued to share his experience, strength, and hope with chatters without complaint or anger.  He showed many of us how to truly apply faith to our lives when that very life was threatened.  On numerous times, a newcomer has found Bud ready to lead them to resources they need to begin their journey.  Bud also has been supportive to the redevelopment of the chat room under the current ownership.  Bud has always been gracious and humble.  I think that is what I admire most in him.  Happy Birthday, Bud!


I understand everyone had an uproariously great time.  Our thanks to Lori for all of her hard work in arranging the event with Bud.  They both help the Cafe in many ways beyond this roundup, too.  We are lucky to have them both associated with the Cafe!





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