Our Founder

Mark Bedillion's vision of a web site came alive in the early 1990's.  The 12 Step Cyber Cafe welcomed people in recovery for over ten years.  The web site won awards from the mental health community and drew rave reviews from several internet groups.  We are honored to carry forward with keeping the Cafe as a vibrant growing entity.  We have preserved some aspects of the site originated by Mark for you here.

Mark has entered into the prevention of drug and alcohol abuse by introducing a super hero designed to uplift spirits, bolster people's self esteem, and promote civic pride in community and nation.

Mark has gone on to other areas of service that directly affecting peoples' lives in positive and spiritual directions.

We have posted Mark's 12 step path, his concept of the "Menu of Recovery", an article or two about Mark, and a page of images taken from the old 12 Step Cyber Cafe.   Enjoy!

Articles On Mark   12 Steps Discussed   Menu of Recovery   Cyber Cafe Images

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