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Recovery Help On the Internet
Updated June 1, 1998.
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Al-Anon and AlaTeen/Alcoholics Anonymous/Alcohol Resources
Al-Anon/AlaTeen - Official web site.
Alcoholics Anonymous - Official web site.
Adult Children of Alcoholics Resources (ACOA)
SoberSpace in Erie -- List of AA meetings in the U.S. (by state), Canada, and around the world. Also included: AA gatherings and conventions.
A.A. Men's Meetings
A.A. Men's Meeting (by email list). Participate in an Alcoholics Anonymous `meeting' by email. Follow this link for information and to subscribe (at no cost) to the list.
A.A. - Online Intergroup
A.A. - Online Resources - A collection of Alcoholics Anonymous information.
A.A. - Online Resources
A.A. - Phoenix, Arizona Home Page
Alcoholics Anonymous in Santa Barbara, California
A.A. - Carolina Lowcountry
A.A. - Colorado District 14 (Lura & Mike's Listing)
A.A. - del Uruguay
A.A. - Vero Beach, Florida
A.A. - Hawaii Resources
A.A. - Alexandria, Louisiana
A.A. - Bay City, Michigan
A.A. - Cincinnati, Ohio
AA. - Omaha, Nebraska
Nebraska Area 41 Official Web Page
A.A. - Alcoolicos Anonimos - Portugal
VILA SERENA - A group of centers in Brazil dedicated to alcohol and drug dependency treatment.
A.A. - United Kingdom
A.A. - Plano, Texas
A.A. Intergroup and Central Office Phone Numbers
Anonyme Alkoholiker
Anonyme Alkoholiker
Nottingham (U.K.) Drug and Alcohol Team
Jews in Recovery from Alcoholism
A.A. Contents HomePage
AA @ Freenet 12 Step Recovery
A.C.O.A. Online Resources
Adult Children of Alcoholics ACA (ACoA) Page
Adult Children Anonymous Manitoba / BSCN
Alcoholism: Another Empty Bottle
Alcoholics Victorious
National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism
17th California Coastal Young People in A.A. Conference
Dick B. Home Page on Early AA
Joe's Home Page
Description and Diagnosis of Alcohol Dependence.
Sobriety Birthdays
Back To Basics Publishing - They publish and distribute books relating to alcohol and substance abuse recovery using A. A. principles and 12-step philosophy.
Mental Heath Net - Children of Alcoholics
The Unoffical Alcoholics Anonymous Page
Women & Alcohol
Alcohol and Pregnancy
Alcohol and Drinking
Intoximeters Inc. - Other Network Resources
Alcohol Awareness
Should You Be Concerned About Your Drinking
Chewy's Sober Site
Scapegoat's Sanctuary - A Site for Alcoholics
Sunlight of The Spirit
Johnny's Home Page
Wolfman's Place
Rule 62
udd's AA Home Page
Patient Education - Alcohol
Working the 12Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous
Selected AA Writings
Sayings from Meetings of the Friends of Bill W.
PANDA - People's Alernative to Narcotics, Drugs, and Alcohol
Sober But Stuck
Maple Ridge Treatment Centre
Wanda's AA Home Page
Coin: Community Services
The Web Less Traveled
Bruce's Recovery Journey
Alcohol Brochures from the University of Illinois
Join Together Online - Resource center and meeting place for communities working to reduce the harms associated with drugs, excessive alchohol, and tobacco.
Big Book (download for Windows self-extracting)
Big Book for MAC
A.A. Recovery Big Book (Original Manuscript)
12 Step IRC
Lamplighter's IRC and Chat Page
Recovery Room A.A. (Webchat Broadcasting System)
Christian Counselors
Christian Counselors (listed by region)
Christian Helpline Ministries - Based in the United Kingdom.
Residential Care Services - Care program in Pittsburgh, Pa., provided by the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).
Our CoDA ® Organization Website -- The official Co-Dependentents Anonymous home page.
Orange County CoDA Community -- Orange County, California CoDA meeting page.
Pow-wow -- Nations in Sobriety. Fourth Annual Native American Open A.A. Sobriety Pow-wow and Campout. Los Coyotes, California. October 2-4, 1998.
Christian Depression Pages - Though primarily aimed at depressed Christians, the material here will be of use to everyone.
Elaine's Homepage - Encouragement for those who are experiencing depression.
Free To Live
Vessel Ministries - Informational page regarding the physiological causes of mental illness.
Drug Addiction (see also Narcotics)
Ohio Chemical Dependency Network (OCDN)
N.A. - Delmarva, Delaware
Nottingham (U.K.) Drug and Alcohol Team
National Institute on Drug Abuse
Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse (CCSA)
Drug Brochures from the University of Illinois
Coin: Community Services
Sedative Dependence
Opioid Dependence
The Marijuana Anonymous Home Page
Cocaine Anonymous Home Page
Just Say No To Drugs
Substance Abuse Information Guide for Parents
Maple Ridge Treatment Centre
PANDA - People's Alernative to Narcotics, Drugs, and Alcohol
Join Together Online - Resource center and meeting place for communities working to reduce the harms associated with drugs, excessive alchohol, and tobacco.
VILA SERENA - A group of centers in Brazil dedicated to alcohol and drug dependency treatment.
Email Discussion/Support Lists
Cybriety - Women's Meeting.
Sisters in Sobriety
Trudgers -  In message body write "subscribe Trudgers"
Meeting of the Minds
A.A. Men - Men's Meeting.
JACS - A discussion list for Jews in recovery. We daily share our personal concerns with the journey of recovery from addiction. To subscribe to the discussion list, send an email message to
listserv@sjuvm.stjohns.edu. In the message area, write, "subscribe jacs firstname last initial"
Just for Today (Recovery Email) - In message body write "subscribe just_for_today"
Hannah to Hannah Newsletter - Infertility and pregnancy loss support organization.
Emotions Issues
Encouragement for Christians With Hard Lives
Guidance - For those struggling with loneliness, forgiveness, truth, honesty, weariness, fear, etc.
A Quiet Place for the Mind
Family Issues (Marriage, Divorce, Etc.)
Tough Love Home Page
Divorce Care
Home Life Ministries - Assistance for Christian families facing spiritual attack.
Marriage Builders - Overcoming marital conflicts and restoring love..
Marriage Encounter - Married couples examine their lives together in a Christ-like fashion.
Marriage Ministries International - Improve your marriage through classes, seminars, and tapes and books.
Save Your Marriage! - Books to help work out problems in a marriage.
Food Addiction
Overeaters Recovery Group Home Page
Overeaters Anonymous San Fernando Valley, California
Obesity, Bulimia, and Anorexia - A Cultural Epidemic. "Eating disorders are common and they can be treated. If you are concerned about a family member, a friend, or have an eating disorder yourself, you do not have to feel alone or ashamed." Symptoms and general information on obesity, bulimia, and anorexia.
Something Fishy's Eating Disorder Site
Gambling Addiction
Gamblers Anonymous Official Home Page
Final Report of the Maryland Task Force on Gambling Addiction. This report discusses the prevalence of problem gambling in Maryland, its economic and social costs to the citizens of the state, the current state of responses to the problem, and the relationship between pathological gambling and other psychiatric and addictive disorders.
Grief Net
Grief Recovery Institute
Willowgreen - Grief tips and resources, including books, videos, and audio tapes.]
City of Refuge - City of Refuge Community Church, San Francisco.
Desert Stream Ministries
Mental Health
MadNation -- Entrance to the Mental Health Activist World On-Line
Peter Breggin, MD /Center for the Study of Psychiatry & Psychology Index
Community Support Network -- An advocacy resource in Brixton, South London, UK, which is run by survivors of the psychiatric process.
Narcotics Addictions/Narcotics Anonymous
N.A. - Alaska
N.A. - Arkansas Regional Homepage
N.A. - Aruba
N.A. - Northern New England Region, New Hamshire
N.A. - Central Carolina Area, South Carolina
N.A. - Portland, Oregon
N.A. - Mid-Atlantic Region, Pennsylvania
N.A. - Lower Columbia, Washington
N.A. - Seattle, Washington
N.A. Website
N.A. - Kingston, Ontario, Canada
N.A. - Copenhagen, Denmark Meeting List
N.A. - The Open Door, Southeastern Minnesota
The Northern New England Region N.A., New Hampshire
Ohio Chemical Dependency Network (OCDN)
CCANA Home Page
Drug Brochures from the University of Illinois
Mike & Terry's House
Never Alone
Our Primary Purpose...
Cocaine Anonymous Home Page
PANDA - People's Alternative to Narcotics, Drugs, and Alcohol
The Marijuana Anonymous Home Page
Anglican Fellowship of Prayer
The Christian Network Prayer Center
Daily Prayer Rx
The Prayer Closet
WWW Prayer Request Page
Prayer Page
Prayer Room
World Harvest Prayerline
WWW Prayer Network
Recovery /Recovery Resources (miscellaneous)
Christians In Recovery - Support for Christians who are in recovery from addiction to drugs, food, alcohol, relationships, etc.
Christian Recovery Connection - Dedicated to providing helpful resources to believers whose lives have been impacted by addictions.
The National Association for Christian Recovery! Includes articles from STEPS, a magazine of hope and healing for the Christian community.
Support/Recovery Internet Yellow Pages
Addiction Recovery Resources for the Professional
Adult Children of Alcoholics Resources (ACOA)
Who Needs Recovery
Action Without Borders Homepage
Community Services Information Center
Nachat Ruach, Jerusalem - Israel
Recovery is Good for You
Recovery Anonymous
The Healing Place
Awake's Recovery Link
Recovery Information on AOL
Dr. Bob Home Page
Jerry's Safe Haven
Joe's Home Page
Johnny and the Kids Home Page
Sue's Information Zone
The Sunlight of the Spirit
The Recovery Home Page
Recovery Survival System
Great Smoky Mountain Recovery Campout
The Kenneth Peters Center for Recovery
Pat's Higher Power Recovery Page
NerdWorld: Recovery Related Links
Joe's Recovery Page
Keep It Green! Recovery Page
John S. Recovery Link
Friends in Recovery
Recovery By Discovery of The Good Life
Santa Barbara, Online Information
Eric's Soberspace Page
Gary's Recovery Page
Sobriety and Recovery Resources
Doug B.'s Recovery Home Page
Marilyn's Recovery Page
Hazelden's Main Web Page
Habit Smart
WEB of Addictions
Christians in Recovery
Christian Recovery Connection
The Art of Recovery
Recovery Related Links
Recovery Quizzes
Sexual Abuse and Addiction
Sexaholics Anonymous
Sexual Addiction Recovery Resources
"New Life" Girls' Home - A residental program for young ladies who have suffered from childhood abuse.
Persevering! - For Christian survivors of sexual abuse.
Survivors' Page - For survivors of physical, emotional, sexual, and ritual abuse and assault. Free You Can Be - Sexual Addictions
Survivors Of Abuse
Dependentes de Amor e Sexo Anônimos
Tobacco Addiction
Nicotine Dependence.
Join Together Online - Resource center and meeting place for communities working to reduce the harms associated with drugs, excessive alchohol, and tobacco.
Smokescreen - Smoke-free education.
Twelve Step (miscellaneous)
Step & Other Recovery Related Info.
STEPS in Recovery (News Letter)
Nachat Ruach, Jerusalem - Israel
1st Step Services Home Page
12 Steps Live with Peter C.
Big Terry's Humble Home Page
The Sunlight of the Spirit
Recovery Network News
Media Anonymous
Junk Food Anonymous
A.R.T.S. Home Page - Artists Anonymous
Debtors Anonymous
Workaholics Anonymous Home Page
Addictions & Life Page
Addictions - Mental Health
Dr. Grohol's Mental Health Page
Commission on Impaired Attorneys
Florida Lawyers Assistance
Caretaker - Tips for caregivers for coping with agitation, confusion, bed sores, etc.
EAP of Arizona
International Union of Gospel Missions. Includes information on homelessness and links to other Internet Christian resources.
Join Together Online - Resource center and meeting place for communities working to reduce the harms associated with drugs, excessive alchohol, and tobacco.
Residential Care Services - Care program in Pittsburgh, Pa., provided by the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).
Ultimate Pro-Life Resources
Winning Edge Ministries - Restoration Manual: A Workbook for Restoring Fallen Ministers and Religious Leader