All About 12 Step Cafe Financial Stuff

The 12 Step Café® website complex is a privately owned, unprofitable, project in sobriety.  

All Cafe elements are either privately owned or contracted.  The person holding primary contractual responsibility, or actual ownership is referred to as “Website Owner”. 

Although the Website Owner bears ultimate responsibility for all The12 Step Café® expenses, voluntary contributions are accepted from registered members of The 12 Step Café®.  

Voluntary contributions are not tax deductible for the donor or the Website Owner. 

The 12 Step Café® makes no claim to be a nonprofit enterprise (although the Website Owner will operate it as such...probably even though he may attempt at some time not to). 

Full accounting of all voluntary contributions will be provided upon request to those contributing to The 12 Step Cafe®.

Contributing to The 12 Step Cafe® is not ownership and contributing to The 12 Step Cafe® will not automatically place an individual on the Cafe Management Team.

Any and All revenue (any moneys earned or donated beyond actual expenses) from any enterprise involving The 12 Step Café® will be used for the development of new elements to be added to The 12 Step Café® project.

The Website Owner is the sole authority in determining the use and distribution of all funds for The 12 Step Café®.



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