All About The 12 Step Cafe Message Board

The 12 Step Cafe Message Board is a "linked site" within The 12 Step Cafe site complex. 

It requires a different registration from The 12 Step Cafe Chat Room.

 The 12 Step Cafe Message Board has been active since 2002.

It is considered a key element of the Cafe and we encourage people to share in the inspiration, humor, prayer requests, and experiences found in the many posts added each week.



People wishing to registering must agree to the guidelines for The 12 Step Cafe Message Board Use:

From time to time, one might note advertisements appearing on The 12 Step Cafe Message Board.  The advertisements are temporary and are removed shortly.  If you wish to contribute to the site remaining advertisement free, there is opportunity noted on the site.  You can also contribute through the link below.

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