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The 12 Step Help section of the Cafe is a resource center for both the newcomer and folks already in recovery.

12 Step Links This page offers both an array of 12 step home page sites and a fairly comprehensive list of 12 step recovery support sites.  We also entertain adding sites to the list.  If you want to add a site, email us at suggestions@12steps.org .  You can take a shortcut to the links page by simply clicking Here

12 Step Articles Taken from the original 12 Step Cafe website, these articles remain timely and informative.  To learn more about them, just click Here

How It Works Taken directly from the book, "Alcoholics Anonymous", the 12 steps are presented.  We have included the text immediately adjacent to the steps so that the reader can see the context of the program of recovery that has helped hundreds of thousands of suffers.  You can take the shortcut by just clicking Here

The 12 Traditions Taken from the book "Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions", the original 12 traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous are presented.  Accepted and endorsed by the membership at the 1950 International Convention in Cleveland, Ohio, the traditions remain a key element of most 12 step groups in the recovery community.  You can take the shortcut to the traditions page by clicking Here

12 Step Prayers These are the prayers included in the 12 steps as established in the book, "Alcoholics Anonymous".  To take the shortcut to the page, just click Here

The Promises From the book, "Alcoholics Anonymous", the promises provide hope and expectations from working the steps as outlined in the book.  The caveat added at the end, "If we work for them", reminds one that nothing comes without action.  To go to the page, just click Here

12 Step Readings Some of our members have contributed material to share what it was like, what happened, and what it is like now.  Personal stories of recovery and living life on life's terms are shared.  Some of our members have also contributed poems, odes, and short prose on the topic "To Sobriety".   Here is proof positive that the 12 steps can work in your life as they have in others.  You can take the short cut to the readings by clicking Here 

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