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***Guidelines For 12 Step Cafe Chat Room***

The 12 Step Café Chat Room provides a safe, supportive, and comfortable atmosphere for people in (or interested in) recovery.

Most forms of recovery are represented in the chat room necessitating a heightened sensitivity to a wide variety of participant needs. We ask your cooperation in actively supporting every person who chooses to enter the chat room.

In support of an atmosphere conducive to recovery:
1.Profanity is discouraged.

2.Rude, abusive, threatening, or other disruptive
inappropriate behavior is not tolerated.

3.Sexual harassment, sexual predatory behavior, or any other
inappropriate sexual oriented behavior in any form is condemned.

Our Chat Monitors serve as the ultimate authority in ensuring a positive, supportive, and comfortable atmosphere in the chat room.

Individuals incapable of demonstrating appropriate behavior in the chat room will be removed – either temporarily or permanently.

Other Chat Room Guidelines
1.Only one registration is allowed per chat room user.

2.User names are subject to site management approval. Email
requests to change user names to

3.Only one user name is allowed per person registering for the
chat room.

Disclaimer: The site owner, management, ChatMaster, Chat Monitors and trusted servants are not responsible and will not be held liable in any way for anyone's behavior on the message board, in the chat room or in real life. By entering the chat room you agree to all of the above. By entering 'Chat' you agree that you are there under your own free will and are able to leave at any time. You also agree that you are at least 18 years of age or that you are visiting the site with consent of a parent or guardian. IMPORTANT: Please note that severe violations against people and/or the site can be dealt with in a court of law. These actions may result in fines and/or imprisonment.

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