Ode to My drinking

Once in my life when I was small

I would sleep on the floor at the end of the hall.

It was cooler there and I could lie awake

Thinking all the things in life it would take.

To become what I wanted to be,

never happened, to a guy like me.


My drinking started at an early age,

And often I went into a rage.

Striking out here and striking out there,

One drink and I didnít care.


This went on for many years.

A lot of heartaches, a lot of tears.

A lot of confusion, a lot of hate,

Wondering if ever I  would  awake.


Fear of living fear of dying.

A lot of pain from not even trying.

Then came the day I couldnít stop

Drank all I had to the very last drop.


I shouted at heaven and I knew very well

That nobody cared, Iíd lived in hell.

And a voice said to me on that very day,

Pick up the phone, call AA.


Thatís why Iím here I hope I can stay

God sent me to you and told me to pray

You taught me how and now Iím sober,

My drinking dayís I pray are over.




Buddy R




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